Thursday, October 30, 2008

Denver Update

Yes, I've been a slacker for not updating this sooner. So... I'm blogging to catch everyone up with the last couple of months... since my move to Denver.

I am currently living in my brother's old house. It's on the market for sale. Since mine is still for sale, this is a real blessing. The commute to work is BRUTAL at about 1 hour to 1 hour, 15 minutes. I drive 20 minutes to the light rail station, and take the train into work. The train drops me about 3 blocks from my office, so it's really an easy walk. The good thing about where I live is... where I live. Check out some pictures of the back yard neighbors:

Here's a video of the little dears (ha ha)... be sure to watch it to the end:

My first day at the University of Colorado Foundation was also the first day of the Democratic National Convention. It was really interesting to be here during that time. Many people who normally work downtown took that week off for vacation or worked from home. My office is about 3 block from the Pepsi Coloseum where most of the DNC rallies were held. I can see it and Mile High Stadium from my office. Here are a picture of Mile High from my office.

Check out this picture of the cops in full battle gear hanging on the outside of the van.

The little white tent in the bottom right corner was the official checkpoint for all cars entering the area. The streets in a radius around the colloseum were blocked off for most of the week. On Wednesday of that week, we were evacuated from our office as a precaution. Supposedly there was going to be a big demonstration, and security was going to lock down our building. We had 5 minutes to get out or stay the night in the office. We got out!

This car was sitting on the street right outside my office.

One weekend I took my youngest niece and nephew to the zoo. Here are a couple pictures from that:

My brother tied the knot in October with girlfriend, Teresa. It was a small affair: Mark and his 4 kids and Teresa and her 2 kids, plus Mom, Grandma, Uncle Dick, Teresa's sister Connie, 2 of Teresa's girlfriends and me. Fifteen people total and 8 were in the bridal party! They got married in the living room of their new house that my brother built. I helped the girls with their hair for the ceremony. It was fun and everyone enjoyed getting dolled up. Here's a picture of all of us girls:

Mom made and decorated the cake. The ornament on the top is two frogs in love, and then we added 6 little frogs between the tiers. "Frog" is an acronym for First Rely On God. When Mark first learned that his previous wife was leaving him, Teresa was a friend and gave Mark a little frog with this saying. Since then, frogs have been a symbol for their relationship. The original frog was in the wedding too. Kalvyn, the ring bearer, carried him in the wedding, and the rings were on his arms. In case you missed it... I changed the color of my hair. It's now brown with gold and red undertones. You know me... I needed a change. Moving half way across the country wasn't enough. It took me about a week to get used to seeing it in the mirror! Miss Georgia is mostly adjusting to the new house. She loves going for walks in the yard. My brother's house is on 5 acres, so we literally take our walks around the backyard! Since the house is sometimes shown during the day, Georgia has to stay in a crate in my bedroom while I'm at work and if I'm not there on the weekends. She HATES it. She cries and howls; well it breaks my heart. But the rent is good, and the pup is just going to have to live with it. Tonight we are going "Dog or Treating" at my brother's house to show off this year's costume to the nieces and nephews. It's awfully cute! (Yep, she hates it too.) That's all for now! Lora