Monday, April 20, 2009

More Snow!

Snowman built by Drew, Kalvyn and me on Saturday. We were totally snowed in, so had to find things to entertain ourselves.
I think it's a pretty good looking snowman! It was the perfect snow for building it.

A couple of snow angels...

My poor car! It was totally clean as of Friday evening. All this happened over night. And then it kept snowing for another 8 hours! Blech. We did get some good sledding in though. Also, I made the boys chocolate snowcream. Hershey's sauce over a bowl of snow. We all loved it!
Sunday's high was in the sixties. Our poor snowman wasn't long for the world. He lost his head, literally, a little bit after this photo was taken. Doesn't he just look tired? (sigh.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Major in Colorado

We are SO tired. Gotta snuggle the "quack-quack."

This dog loves him some snow!

What a goof ball! Note the wipe out...

More house pictures

Me at the front door with a neighborhood pooch.

Fireplace in the basement

Basement living area

My realtors Holly and Valerie with baby Lexi

Stairs to the basement off the living room

View from the back porch

Living room

View of the back of the house from the back yard

Front of the house

Friday, April 3, 2009

New House

Here are a couple pictures of my new house.

The Upstairs bathroom

The Kitchen

The covered patio
House inspection is Sunday, so I should have more after then.