Monday, April 20, 2009

More Snow!

Snowman built by Drew, Kalvyn and me on Saturday. We were totally snowed in, so had to find things to entertain ourselves.
I think it's a pretty good looking snowman! It was the perfect snow for building it.

A couple of snow angels...

My poor car! It was totally clean as of Friday evening. All this happened over night. And then it kept snowing for another 8 hours! Blech. We did get some good sledding in though. Also, I made the boys chocolate snowcream. Hershey's sauce over a bowl of snow. We all loved it!
Sunday's high was in the sixties. Our poor snowman wasn't long for the world. He lost his head, literally, a little bit after this photo was taken. Doesn't he just look tired? (sigh.)

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boffenl said...

Stop it--snow in late April. So awesome. I would LOVE for Georga to experience that. Of course we'd probably both get sick so it wouldn't be much fun afterward. :) Now I'm getting homesick--just shoot some photos at Wal-Mart and Target and I may really have to come for a visit. :(