Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pic of the family

We all went to Idaho Spring for pizza to celebrate Sonja's birthday. She's 15!!! and learning to drive!!! Here's a cute picture of the Adams-Lange gang.

Miata trip to Shamhabala Mountain Center

On August 1, I drove in the Peak to Peak Miata Club's drive to the Shamhabala Mountain Center. We had a picnic lunch along the Poudre River. At the center is a Tibetan Buddist temple called The Great Stupa. ( It's the only thing like it in the US. Here are some pictures:

I was in about the middle of the string of Miatas. I didn't have a navigator so I was snapping and driving. Is that illegal?

See if you can find the top of the stupa in this picture... (hint, it's not the brown houses or trees)

"The Great Stupa" from a distance

View from the steps looking out over the mountains.

Oh Hail!

We've had weird weather all summer. Monday night, it was sunny. All of a sudden it started hailing like crazy outside. Georgia barked at it. (Good dog.) Here is a picture: