Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pic of the family

We all went to Idaho Spring for pizza to celebrate Sonja's birthday. She's 15!!! and learning to drive!!! Here's a cute picture of the Adams-Lange gang.

Miata trip to Shamhabala Mountain Center

On August 1, I drove in the Peak to Peak Miata Club's drive to the Shamhabala Mountain Center. We had a picnic lunch along the Poudre River. At the center is a Tibetan Buddist temple called The Great Stupa. ( It's the only thing like it in the US. Here are some pictures:

I was in about the middle of the string of Miatas. I didn't have a navigator so I was snapping and driving. Is that illegal?

See if you can find the top of the stupa in this picture... (hint, it's not the brown houses or trees)

"The Great Stupa" from a distance

View from the steps looking out over the mountains.

Oh Hail!

We've had weird weather all summer. Monday night, it was sunny. All of a sudden it started hailing like crazy outside. Georgia barked at it. (Good dog.) Here is a picture:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kitchen update

Mom and I have been working to make the new kitchen look brighter and more modern. Here are the before and after pictures:
It's amazing what a little paint and new hardware can do.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My brother's retirement speech for Mr. Sutton

I was home on May 18th for the retirement celebration for Jon Sutton, my favorite high school teacher and the high school band director. My brother Mark and his two daughters, Sonja and Isabelle, came back to Indiana for the event too. The video is a speech given by my brother at the event. I missed the very beginning, but not much. Mark is over to the left of the stage, just a shadow/silhouette. (The lighting was really terrible in the auditorium.) Even though you can't see it, listen to it. I never knew my brother was such a great writer and orator. He surprised us all with this speech.

Monday, April 20, 2009

More Snow!

Snowman built by Drew, Kalvyn and me on Saturday. We were totally snowed in, so had to find things to entertain ourselves.
I think it's a pretty good looking snowman! It was the perfect snow for building it.

A couple of snow angels...

My poor car! It was totally clean as of Friday evening. All this happened over night. And then it kept snowing for another 8 hours! Blech. We did get some good sledding in though. Also, I made the boys chocolate snowcream. Hershey's sauce over a bowl of snow. We all loved it!
Sunday's high was in the sixties. Our poor snowman wasn't long for the world. He lost his head, literally, a little bit after this photo was taken. Doesn't he just look tired? (sigh.)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Major in Colorado

We are SO tired. Gotta snuggle the "quack-quack."

This dog loves him some snow!

What a goof ball! Note the wipe out...

More house pictures

Me at the front door with a neighborhood pooch.

Fireplace in the basement

Basement living area

My realtors Holly and Valerie with baby Lexi

Stairs to the basement off the living room

View from the back porch

Living room

View of the back of the house from the back yard

Front of the house

Friday, April 3, 2009

New House

Here are a couple pictures of my new house.

The Upstairs bathroom

The Kitchen

The covered patio
House inspection is Sunday, so I should have more after then.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Jumping Deer video

I just love watching deer jump! This was shot from the end of my driveway.

Back to Lafayette for a couple days

Jenny, Beverly, Aimee and Kier at Puccini's for Laura's 30th birthday party.

Camera Is Full!

Due to budget issues, everyone in my office was required to take a week off during spring break. My spring break week was last week. Of course... I get a COLD on the first day of spring break! It was a fairly miserable week, actually. But I did take some time to download pictures from my camera, which is about out of memory and thought I'd update you on what I've been up to since the last blog.

These are pictures from the Parade of Lights. It's an annual Denver tradition done during the holiday season. All the local bands, companies and politicians dress up and create lighted floats. It was fun and part of the Denver tradition.

Speaking of Denver tradition... My new year's resolution is to "live like I live in Colorado." I decided that I was missing most of the allure of being a colorado resident and that I would resolve to do more typically Coloradan things. I've been doing pretty good so far.

Here's another Denver Christmas tradition: Zoo Lights at the Denver Zoo. I took Isabelle and Kalvyn to see them. We counted 4 light tunnels and the kids rode the little train. We had hot cocoa and cider too. We went right as it opened that night, and by the time we left, the line was so long, it circled the parking lot!

Here are a couple pictures of us sledding right after Christmas. We did a lot of wiping out too. I had some serious bruises! See all those scrubby looking bushes? They might as well be boulders. If you hit one of those babies, you lose... it doesn't budge!