Monday, May 30, 2011

Ready to go to Germany

Mom and I are in final preparations for our trip to Germany and Austria. The travel itinerary so far looks like:

June 2: Flight lands in Munich 8am-ish, pick up rental car, tour of Dachau, drive to Beth’s

June 3-6: in Germany wherever the wind blows (Mom and Sonja are supposed to be looking to places they want to visit. So far it includes a Chocolate Museum (Lindt), the castle that inspired Cinderella's castle for Disney and a car museum (I vote for Porsche or VW.))

June 7: Drive to Vienna, stop for a couple hours in Salzburg for Sound of Music stuff

June 8: Visiting Schonbrun and gardens etc. in Vienna

June 9: Tour of Spanish Riding School and site-seeing in the “heart” of Vienna

June 10: The Abbey at Melk (outside Vienna), drive back to Beth’s

June 11: No plans (I was considering going back to Munich and spending the day there. We could get a hotel room for the night, then we wouldn’t have the long drive to the airport the next morning. We could also drop off the rental car a day early.)

June 12: Fly home (10am-ish)

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