Thursday, March 6, 2008

Singapore, Day 4

Liza and I started out our day with a bit of shopping at Vivo City shopping mall. This mall is just like we have in the US. And it just so happens that we stopped in this cute little shoe store and picked up a pair of shoes that will match my new tailor-made outfit. And I might have also bought a really pretty pair of gold strappy wedges. Who's to say?

Next we set off for Sentosa Island again. Today, we took a tram to one end of the island and went to Underwater World. It's an aquarium. Their specialty are the crab exhibits and underwater tunnels. The underwater tunnels are really cool, because they have a moving walkway through them. You just hop on and it carries you through the tunnels. There is a stationery walkway along side it so you can hop off at any time. Liza timed it so we were there during the shark feeding. That was neat and creepy at the same time. Below is a video of the sharks. I hope you can open it. Be sure to watch the whole thing.

Next we went to Dolphin Lagoon. Singapore's big claim-to-fame are pink dolphins. Well, I just had to see me some of those! It's pretty much your typical dolphin show that you'd see at the zoo. The dolphins are pink and grey mottled, but their tummies are all pink. The show was cute, if a bit cheesy. The weird part was that instead of bleachers or a grand stand, we were all sitting on white plastic patio chairs under foldable tents. There were 4-5 rows of chairs about 5 feet from the water along one whole side of the lagoon. Here's a picture of one of the dolphins mid-jump. I hope you can see the pink. I bought a post card at the gift shop that shows it better for my scrapbook!

Liza and I headed back to the house in late afternoon, because Dimiter had a couple meetings he needed to attend. We had some much needed rest! We played Monopoly Jr. with Georga and watched Ratatouille. After the movie we walked over to Sun Centre, the local area of restaurants and bars. We ordered fried rice for Georga and chili crab for us. Chili crab is the signature dish for Singapore. It starts with a live crab, and ends with a huge bowl of crab and sauce. They cut up the crab and crack the claws. The pieces are served smothered in chili gravy. You get sweet rolls too for dipping in the gravy. Essentially you have sauce up to your elbows by the end of the meal. And it was SO GOOD! The chili sauce is more sweet than hot. I don't know what kind of crab it was, but it was big and good! The restaurants here have sinks along the wall for washing your hands after dinner. Genius! Here is a picture of Liza holding up the top shell of the crab at the end of our meal. I hope you can tell that the shell is approximately the size of a small dinner plate.

And that is the end of day 4! See you tomorrow.


JAdams said...

I love the thought of pink tummys on dolphins! Your camera takes great pictures. Enjoyed talking to you on the phone. Was that our verizon service?

The Wright's said...

Glad you made it safe and are having a good time, Lora! You're not missing much...I've been out sick ALL week, so I'm glad you're gone a bit longer so I don't get you more sick!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!! All of your entries are great.