Monday, March 10, 2008

Singapore Day 8

Day 8
(I'm on the internet terminal at the airport, so no pics today.) Liza, Georga and I started out early today. We had several stops to make including going back to Chinatown to pick up my new outfit. Our first stop was Arab Street near Little India. Arab Street is famous for it's fabric shops. All the Indian ladies shop here for material for their gowns and saris. It was AWSOME! I was in heaven! Silk fabric everywhere! I told Liza that at one point I was totally overwhelmed. After buying some fabric, we had lunch at a local restaurant. I had curry prata, and Liza had briayani rice with chicken. I just found that Singapore sells ginger beer. It's like rootbeer, but made with ginger, non-alcoholic. I feel in love with the stuff in Australia and New Zealand, but can't find it in the US. Georga tried it for the first time, and decided she liked it an awful lot too.

After lunch, we did some more shopping and then headed back to Bugis Junction. I wanted to buy a bag that I saw on our previous trip, but left sitting there. Let that be a lesson to me! (Oops... we're boarding... better hurry!) Then our final stop was Chinatown to pick up my outfit. After that we headed home to do a little laundry and pack. I have managed to completely fill both suitcases and even had to open the extension on the bigger one! I knew this was going to happen! We ordered in pizza and watched a movie. Bedtime came none too soon.

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