Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 3

Today we decided to let Sonja pick our adventures. Sonja really wanted to see a Shokolade museum, chocolate museum. Originally it was the Lindt museum, that that was simply too far away. Destination Stuttgart. I'm not going to lie, it was a pretty long drive. So our first stop was Ritter Sport chocolate factory, museum and store. They don't do factory tours anymore but we could see the factory from the outside. We walked around the visitor center, learned about the history of the company and watched an educational movie... in German. I got to use my new meager German speaking skills... "Spraken sei English?" There's a lot you can do with pointing and hand gestures. Also... at the store was an outlet section. We LOVE outlet. Sonja went a bit crazy in the store; she was so happy. Now we have to figure out how to get 20 pounds of chocolate back to the US.

Our second stop was the Porsche museum and factory. We chose not to do the factory tour (flippin expensive!) but did get the audio tour of the museum. It was really beautiful! So many pretty cars! We took a gazillion pictures. The museum was set up to follow the racing line of cars as well as the consumer driving cars. We all decided that we want a Porsche. They let us sit in one at the end. One of the most unique parts of the exhibit was the sound experience. You would stand on these big black discs, and surround sound would play one of the cars starting, engine revving and driving away. The black disc vibrated under your feet so you could feel it AND hear it. It was pretty cool.

We took a slightly more scenic route back to Beth's house. It was fun driving in the Germany countryside. We stopped in Ramstein at a Bier Garten for dinner. We made it home about 10pm and crashed. We did have a pretty good thunderstorm last night. But it was a GERMAN thunderstorm.

Sunday we plan to go over to the military base where Beth works.

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