Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Sunday we got up bright and early and headed to the Munich airport. It was a fairly simple check-in process and we had breakfast and did some last minute shopping in the gift shop. Our flight to Atlanta was pretty uneventful; we each watched several movies.

If you have ever traveled outside the US, you know what a pain the US Customs/Immigration process is. I'm a citizen of this fair country, and they make you feel like a criminal for coming home! Our immigration officer was a real jerk too. Heaven forbid you are competent AND courteous. We made it through, got our luggage, rechecked our luggage and were going through reentry security when my darling niece looks at me and says, "Oh no! I left my purse on the plane." Quick recap... we had just gotten off an international flight, went through customs/immigration, claimed our bags, rechecked our bags and completed the final step for entering the country. You don't just go back and grab you purse off the plane! Then my mom pipes up, "I left my calendar in the seat pocket too." I love them; I wanted to strangle both of them. We found the Delta help desk, and she suggested we go to the gate where our plane was parked and ask one of the gate agents to help. Unfortunately, there were no gate agents at gate B10. At the neighboring gate, B12, there was a group of them, and they were able to radio to someone who found both the purse and the calendar, and were going to bring them to us. But remember... we just went through international security... so this nice Delta employee had to take our items through a special security area before she could bring them to us. The whole process took us an additional hour or so, but we made it on our plane back to Denver with no issues. Well, except that Sonja's bag didn't make it on the same flight we were on and was coming on a later flight. The airline dropped it off on Monday morning. If this final day were the only travel snafu's we had, I'd say we were pretty lucky. And, it's good to be home.

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